Gorbel ergonomic workstation cranes from our Minnesota location are designed to increase product quality, improve productivity, and promote a safer work environment. With our aluminum and steel systems, you will receive an enclosed track that is low in weight but high in strength. You can feel confident you’ll get the job done right with these overhead industrial cranes. Some extra benefits of these machines are:

  • Ability to span up to 30 feet
  • Lifts up to 4000 lbs
  • Ergonomic design to minimize operator injuries
  • Steel, aluminum, and stainless steel track options
  • Increases productivity by 28% or more


Free Standing Articulating Jib

Many workspaces would benefit from an articulating jib, but they don’t have the walls or columns needed to mount the crane. For those workplaces, the Free Standing Articulating Jib Crane is the ideal solution. With effortless rotation and consistent responsiveness, this crane is perfect for working in tight situations. Some additional benefits to this crane are:

  • Capacities up to 2000 lbs
  • Circular coverage: standard spans to 16 feet
  • 360 degree rotation at each pivot point
  • Compatible with hook mounted lifting devices (electric, air, or vacuum)


Free Standing Easy Arm

The Easy Arm Intelligent Lifting Arm is built around one idea: simplicity. These arms provide all the strength, speed, and precision that you’ve come to expect from a G-Force product. This mechanical power is harnessed into the body of an ergonomic articulating jib crane, giving you an electric servo-drive system in a free-standing form.

  • Capacities: 165 lbs, 330 lbs, 660 lbs
  • Spans from 6 feet to 14 feet
  • Height under hook of 6 feet to 11 feet
  • Speeds up to 180 feet per minute
  • 660 lbs, with lifting speeds up to 45 feet per minute in high production environments
  • Cost-effective turnkey solution


G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device

The G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device (ILD) brings the precision and power of a machine and combines it with the intelligence of a human. There are two models of the G-Force: the Q and the iQ. The Q is the standard model, which still carries all of the speed, precision, and power of the iQ. However, it doesn’t contain the Input/Output feature. The iQ contains a list of additional intelligence features, such as speed reduction points. Some more features and benefits of the G-Force machines are:

  • Capacities from 165 lbs to 1320 lbs
  • Speeds up to 200 ft per minute
  • Can cover multiple work cells
  • Rapid return on investment due to increased productivity and reduced product damage
  • Decreased risk of operator injury
  • Higher environmental ratings
  • Enhances job performance
  • Anti-Recoil technology prevents sudden movements/recoil
  • Infinite Speed Control for applications that require multiple speeds in one cycle
  • Power Loss Protection locks the unit in place in case of power loss
  • Pinpoint Precision gives the operator the ability to finesse expensive, fragile parts
  • Float Mode allows operators to precisely orient loads using just .5 lbs of pressure


Style Free Standing Ceiling Mounted Monorail Seismic Zone IV
Free Standing Work Station Crane Ceiling Mounted Work Station Crane Monorail Seismic Zone IV
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Features Modular design that can easily expand as your work centers expand. Excellent solution when a work area must be clear from any support structures that may interfere with operations. The perfect solution when you are looking for true linear movement. Bolted connections provide the strength and safety required for Seismic Zone applications.
Mounting Requirements Standard 6" reinforced concrete floor Adequate overhead structure to safely support load Adequate overhead structure to safely support load Standard 6" reinforced concrete floor
Common Applications
  • Parts Assembly
  • Machining
  • Palletizing Loads
  • Injection Molding
  • Warehouse Loading Docks
  • Process Equipment Maintenance
  • Truck Service Centers
Material Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Steel
Capacity 150 - 4,000 lbs.
Overall Bridge Length Up to 34'
Deflection L/450
Deflection Design Factor Capacity x 1.15
Impact Factor 25% of capacity
Paint Runways: Blue
Bridges: Yellow
Alum: Unpainted
Stainless Steel: Unpainted
Fabrication Standards All welding is in accordance with AWS D14.1, and is performed by certified welders. All holes in steel with bearing loads are either punched or drilled. Flame cut holes are not permitted in these applications.
Standards AISC Steel Construction Manual, 8th edition; OSHA Specification 1910.179 and ANSI Specification B30.11; CSA Standard B167-96 and CSA Standard C22.2 No.33-M1984 (re-affirmed 1992)
Warranty 5 Years or 10,000 hours
Shipping 5 day quick ship on most models; Stainless steel not available for quick ship. 5 day quick ship on most models.


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