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The Ultimate Solution For Heavy Lifting

Rol-A-LiftRol-A-Lift is the practical method of moving bulky and hard-to-handle loads. Rol-A-Lifts are ideal for handling large, awkward objects or heavy equipment that is difficult to maneuver or position, like refrigerator cases, safes, or machines. Yet they are versatile enough to safely handle fragile, sensitive equipment, like glass crates, computers, electrical panels and switchgear.

Conveyors for Critical Positioning

Does your product need a specific orientation for labeling, bar code reading, or any other application requiring critical positioning? Our conveyor case handling solutions can flip it, move it, and position it perfectly every time. 

In this video, see our solution for a local food company in action. Their cartons needed ink jet identifiers, bar code, date code and trace recall information on a specific side of the case. We gave them a flip, plus a twist: hand’s free!


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